Something went wrong, so there was no taxi to the Hotel. Found a taxi through the travel agent. Took me to Hotel España at 1:30 am woke up night clerk.
Good room, Spiral Stairs - $13.00
Breakfast – 2 rolls, 1 egg, coffee, juice $1.25

Get up in Lima go to Museums
Museo Oro del Peru - Oro-Gold with weapons gatling gun, knives, dueling pistol sets, pistols, pifles, saddles, stirrups, spurs
Museo Larco - Vases, & Erotic stuff – in display cabinets – hard to photo
Museum with African Game House
Down Town – Cox Museum – neat clothing and weapons
Always grey/overcast

Went Miraflores Walker Pre Inca ruins
Made of clay bricks

Bus to Pisco $5.50+ $3.30 taxi in from PanAmerican Highway
Staying at the Posada Hispana - $15.00
Took a tour of island Sea Lions & Penguins
Arranged Bus to Ica & hotel there
Arranged transportation to Naca, flight & hotel
Had dinner with travel agent lady

She picked me up with a taxi and rode out to the bus and made sure I got a ticket to Ica and a seat
A taxi to Huacachina hotel $1.50 A Pool table
Irish guy I met on island tours yesterday in this motel
Booked 2 hr trip in a buggy for $12.00
Saw an oasis in the middle of nowhere
Walked over to lake looking for restaurant
Petted most of the dogs in town – a big rottweiler loved to be petted

Saw all white FJ55 coming back from Parancas tours & I think a 40 in a yard.
Took American sedan (TOS Dodge) for $4 Ica – Hasea
A Dark green beautiful FJ40 at gas station

Went to see Inca aqueducts
Neat hotel in Nasco

Booked overnight bus to Arequipa with sleeper seat lays all the way down.
Went to Inca gravesite saw them dried and wrapped in a sitting position in 6’x10’ blocked hole that was covered.
Flew over Nasca Lines – recognized the Astronaut best
Photo of the back of a land rover?
Watched pottery being made and painted
Also demo of gold extraction using mercury

Friendly white Angora cat

Lots of friendly dogs that don’t all look related

Semi cama overnight bus to Arequipa ok breakfast rolls & coffee served by a stewardess
Into Hotel Casa de Abuela $29.00. Arequipa is a neat clean town – nice square - strange car – good cold breakfast

Tried Coy (Guinea Pig) – like rabbit or rare chicken – ate most of it.

Cola Canyon
Picked up at 8 – Finished pickup at 9
Mountain roads cliff hangers back to Chivay Mica Motel – Dinner and dance show organized
Saving money – my hotel in Arequipa is $29.00 – 4 hr bus ride back Hotel and bus ride back $20
Saw lots of Llamas, alpacas, and vicuna on trip

After cola trip
Had dinner w/Gerry and Mike of Ireland and Lucila of Buenos Aires

Trip around Arequipa to parks etc.

Flight to Cusco
Eureka Hotel in Cusco – $30 not bad
Good breakfast – fruit or eggs with bacon
Around town tour – wow the inside of the Churches – slave labor?
Had a camera case made in a small shop

Tour of sacred valley to Ollantaytambo
Lots of irrigation off Rio Urubamba
Head Waters of Amazon
Never saw so many 180° turns

Train Cusco – Machu Picchu pueblo switchbacks go forward and back no 180° turns
Have to be at station at 5:30 for 6:00 departure

Hostel Tumi - $16.00 - big room, good bed and breakfast served in room

Bus to Machu Picchu $6 each way
Machu Picchu entrance $23.30 took 7:30 bus and got off walking tour – lots of pictures
Got very front seat up and down

Walked around town and up to hot springs.
No ATM machines in Machu Picchu pueblo
Better to come here in September, less clouds

Lunch at 2 young ladies restaurant at top of road. Neat balcony over river – good food.
Town does not take long to explore

Rained last night – clouds very low
Glad am not going to Machu Picchu today
Turned out blue sky and warm

Trip to Puno – saw brown FJ40 w/flat, another on road
Saw fire truck looked like FJ55 Truck on internet
Went to islands and floating islands are like the bog at Rockaway

Went on board and was given a tour. Lots of neat brass works on engine – met Rachel & Al on the boat.

Bus to Cochabamba, Bolivia, bands arching at border crossing
Went to island of the Sun – Good hotel recommended by travel agent

Took non-tourist bus Cochabamba – LaPaz crossing lake, bus went on a barge, passengers crossed in 30-40 ft buses - interesting

Al helped me get tickets on the Spanish language website of Lan Chile Airlines to Easter Island. 11/23-11/28 $475

Pick Pocket
Got into room and went to find a travel agent. Got into a group crossing street, felt it go, but was too slow. Lost credit card & ATM card, also approximately $200 cash

Decided I could not stand shallow breathing so got air ticket to Cordoba – missed first flight – rescheduled for next day – several stop slight instead of 1 – dumb

Hotel Sussex Cordoba - Nice

Found a day bus to Mendoza
Hotel Milena - Nice
Got bus Mendoza – Santiago across Andes, #1 seat. Great ride through mts
A narrow gauge railroad track had been used
Taken up in places. Neat to follow tracks and through tunnels
The Chile customs people sure do search everything

Got a so-so hotel in Santiago – Hostal Quito – had an elevator
Email close and a great restaurant 2 blocks

Flight confirmed & seat assigned (window in 767 7 rows) Seat reassigned at airport, girl said window? Was dead center, traded with a guy who wanted to sit with his girl so had aisle.
Landed and looked for a motel recommended by Al and Rachel but was full and passed me on to Chez Cecilia - $40/night – worth it
About a mile walk to town past cemetery
$90 – 2½ day tours and 1 full day tour of island
Met Glen – works in Antarctica – he rented a car – went to see some Moi’s with him

Flight back – window seat - blank – no window
Another great steak in Santiago – Tour bus back to Mendoza – better and cheaper than west bound
Some people saw Condors out of west bound bus in Andes – I was on the wrong side and saw none
East bound saw a lot of them – less than 100 ft straight out from the side, hovering on the updraft from the cliff the road is built on – a cliff hanger road

Back to Milena Hotel – had dinner & back 2½ blocks from hotel, talked cars with manager til late, dark, did not want to walk back to hotel alone – took a taxi – he did not charge me

All night bus to Cordoba, seat #1, and back to Sussex Hotel – took local tour bus - $5.
Tour guide pointed out industry museum
Went back next day – lots of motorcycles, a Ferrari, Maserati, Ficar, a working link trainer, 2 Packards – several Renaults, airplanes, interesting place.
A church that is different colored columns outside and inside, little gold.

Walked to bus depot and got ticket to Buenos Aires to arrive 0630. Got back to hotel and discovered ticket was for the wrong day, lady on hotel desk called & wrote a note explaining error. Taxied back $1 each way, got waved to the front of the line, leave Cordoba 9pm top front seat #3

Bus to Buenos Aires was an ok ride ½ hr late.
Tried to find shuttle to airport
Took a cab, told price to local airport, of course that was much cheaper than the price to the international airport where I really was going.
Found one man at American desk. He checked for me and found Bruce would be at customs/immigration at terminal B not terminal A - As usual.
Found Bruce and took shuttle to bus terminal. Got tickets to Mar del Plata with 1½ hr wait.

Got to Mar del Plata and 1st choice hotel in Lonely Planet book was full – 2nd choice ok – Hotel Traful - found food at the City Square went to Museo del Mar, Museo de la Fuerza de Submarinos
Tried to find ship graveyard – no luck
Ship restaurant had wreckfish
Area with seafood restaurant great
Wreck fish at Piedra Buena restaurant was great
Waiter on hand to pour beer which was kept cold in an ice bucket like champagne

Bus to Balcarce to see the Museo Juan Manuel Fangio
If Formula one racing interests you this is a must see.

Executive bus to Rosario – hotel down town $30/day
Boat trip across river to island park $1
Met AJ, a friend from Minnesota who winters in Argentina, at airport and going to Santa Fe tomorrow
Went to Museo Histerico Provincial Doctor Julio Mark
Gatling gun and others – neat old household items

In Santa Fe met Donald, a friend of AJ, took us to apt Hotel met AJ for breakfast at 9

Bus 14 hrs to Iguazu Falls
Residencial Paquita (hotel) at Puerte Iguazu not bad, not good – right across road from bus depot
Tour falls - boat ride into falls – directly into the falls
Money, passport, everything got soaked
Walked along an elevated platform out to overlook the falls

Saturday tried to public bus to falls in Brazil
Ended up on a bus through Brazil into Paraguay – changed buses to return and found ourselves in a big traffic jam
Ended up at Brazil bus depot. Took a cab through Argentina immigration to hotel
Good dinner

Bought ticket back to Santa Fe
First round served bourbon, later came by with soda, and wine, had white wine, then came dinner, salads and cookies were good, entrée not so good, then came a refill on the white wine, I leaned my seat back and slept til morning.
Suppose to leave 1330, and arrive 0500, actually bus left at 1530 arrived at 0530

To bed at 6 met AJ for breakfast at 830

Got ticket to Buenos Aires top front seat
Almost missed taxi to airport – he was late – we were leaving – spotted name board as we were heading for the next bus 20 min after bus left


'CB' serial number on some of the $100 bills were not accepted at the Casa De Cambio in Santiago – the desk clerk said banks didn’t like them - However, the bank on Easter Island had no problem with them nor did Chez Cecilia.

People line up waiting for buses and stay in line getting on – no crowding

-Travel Tip -

Make sure to have a business card from your hotel with you to present to taxi drivers - makes getting back much easier!