Dick here! I thought it might be fun to share my globetrotting with all of you through my images. So, with a little help from the magic of technology, I am thrilled to present my wanderings!

As time goes on, I will be posting past trips, and future ones, when all the sorting and scanning and things are done.
Jeremiah O'Brien

Jeremiah O'Brien July 2011

In July 2011 I drove out to the tricities of Washington to visit a friend for a few days. Then drove south across Oregon and down to San Francisco to visit the Jeremiah O'Brien.

I was searching for a gear for the SS Meteor that is used to rotate the old steam engines so I contacted the J O'B and asked if I could stop by and look at their gear. They wwrote back and invited me to go on a day trip to visit the Gost Fleet which is made up of ships waiting to be scrapped out.  In that fleet was the Glomar Explorer that was used to salvage the sunken Russian sub as in the movie Hunt for Red October. The free boarding pass they sent me was worth $95. During our correspondence, the Ship Master invited me to stay on board Sat.& Sun. and also offered me a place to park on the end of Fisherman's Wharf  This was his way of saying thanks for the great tour that All gave him about three years ago when he visited the Meteor.  I was given the 3rd mates cabin WOW.

I boarded around noon and was told to go anywhere I cared to and ask about anything. I was welcomed with open arms. The Chief Engineer "Scotty" (no lie) took me around and showed me all the ship's machinery, steering, machine and repair shops, etc.

Sunday I wandered around visiting with the crew and some of the 600 paying guests and I think I was the only freebie. I spent Sunday night on board. Monday morning I had breakfast in the galley, said goodbye to everyone I could find and pushed off to visit a friend in Lompoc for a couple days then on to Denver to visit another friend and then Home 8005 miles.


Merida & Ruins ~ Mexico 2010

In Early 2010, I flew to Cancun Mexico where I met my friend Lillian, who had flown in from California. We spent the night in Cancun central, and took a bus to Merida the following morning, We stayed in the Hotel Grande, what a neat place! The first day in Merida, we took a tour to Uxmal. The next day we took a tour to the port of Progresso. The third day we spent wandering Merida, visiting the museums, and riding in horse drawn carraiges. On the Fourth day we took a tour to Chichen Itza.


Ecuador & Galapagos 2009

In October 2009 I flew to Quito Ecuador and spent a few days doing the middle of the world and cable car ride. Then, I flew to the Galapagos and took a 5 day/4 night cruise on the Queen of the Galapagos. Upon my return to Quito, I was not feeling well, and was experiencing some equilibrium problems, so I decided to fly home rather than continue on to Peru as I had planned.


Peru 2007

On Thursday, January 11, 2007, Bruce, and Marcia and I left for Lima, Peru. We transferred planes in Atlanta, and then on to Lima, arriving in the middle of the night, about 1:00 a.m. (more)


South America 2005

Something went wrong, so there was no taxi to the hotel. Found a taxi through the travel agent. Took me to Hotel España at 1:30 am woke up night clerk.
Good room - Spiral Stairs $13.00/night
Breakfast - 2 rolls, 1 egg, coffee, juice $1.25


Mexico 2004

I flew into Mexico City and bused to Cuernavaca. Stayed at Carolina's house for 5 days and used it as a base for the whole trip. First I went to Taxco for 5 days. Then back to Carolina's. Then I went to Puebla for a week. Then it was on to Oaxaca for a week. As part of my time in each place I made side trips to local villages and sites. The petrified waterfall (Hierve el Agua) near Oaxaca was amazing. After a last stop at Carolina's, I bused back to the airport.


Guatamala 1997

These photos are from a photography class taken with the Art workshops in La Antigua, Guatemala. A few of the pictures were taken by other students in the class but I am not sure which ones they are, or who took them, but I will gladly give credit should any of them contact me. All the lake pictures are of Lake Atitlan where we stayed in Panjachel. After the class was over, I stayed in Guatemala for awhile and went to Tikal by myself.


Yucatan 1989

My friend Bill had a VW bus that he wanted at his condo in Akamal Mexico.

He offered me gas and insurance money, the use of the on the beach condo for a week, and airfare back for a friend and I if we wanted to drive it down there. (more)

 Hope you enjoyed my adventures - I did!
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